Why Us

Arabic translations with the utmost authenticity.

Arabic <> English

We know that working with Single Language Providers (SLPs) in the Middle East can sometimes be challenging.
Let us make the experience smoother by providing you with clear communication and feedback, full English comprehension, a politically-stable work base, and complete professionalism at all times.
We have done our research. We have overcome the challenges that most SLPs in the Middle East face, and we’re ready to start working with you.

You can count on GAL to bring you a professional service with a unique insight into your target markets.

You have the global presence; we have the local knowledge of the Arabian Gulf and the wider MENA regions that you seek.

Arabic Translations with a difference

We are based in the politically-stable country of Oman with excellent internet connection and infrastructure and a wide network of Khaliji Arabic linguists from the region.

Our commitment to delivering a high standard, accurate, highly personalized, and professional service makes us one of the leading language providers in the Arabian Gulf and wider MENA Regions.

But it’s really our team of native Khaliji Arabic linguists that deserve the spotlight.

As professional, qualified linguists and native citizens with an excellent understanding of the Gulf markets and the wider MENA markets along with proficient command of the English language, our experts are able to localise your brand according to the culture’s traditions and consumer habits of these markets, to secure a warm and welcomed reception.

We match your project with the best linguist for the job and include cultural research in every project undertaken.

Our agency provides high standard services, stability and consistency throughout your entire project

You know your product, we know our markets.

Our added-value services:

As Arabic is spoken in 13 countries in the Middle East, spread over two continents, these countries come with vastly different accents, traditions and habits.

We bridge any cultural or linguistic gap using our innate knowledge of each market of the Gulf region (KSA, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman and Bahrain) and the wider MENA region and its specific tone of language to ensure your message is clearly apprehended.

With every project, you will get:

Culture sensitive review

Our native linguists study the translated content to ensure it does not contain any sensitive content or inappropriate materials that may offend the audience.

Language curation

We will curate the language so that it is suitable for the target market, removing any offensive political or religious references. We will explain this step and the results to you, so you can adapt your source texts easier every time.

Launch time advice

Based on our knowledge of religious and national occasions, we will advise marketing teams on the best times to launch their products for the best response.

GAL Team:

  • Native Khaliji Arabic linguists with in-depth understanding of English and their target Arabic language variant
  • Work with members of your target audience
  • Deep understanding of our culture and what customers expect from a service/product
  • Able to advise you on how to meet your market’s expectations
  • Make your brand or product sound on-point – we use modern, up to date language in line with latest linguistic and cultural market changes
  • Research before translation included with every project